Thursday, November 20, 2008

Red-Hot Replicant

I did this flyer quite some time ago for my friends' now defunct band, Afterwhile Crocs. However, I've always loved this buxom android, and I love those guys, so after nearly a year and a half I've decided to finally post this, for old time's sake.


Volunteer Cass said...

The "defunct" label may soon be a fabrication of the current state the Crocodiles are actually
in...However, distance is still a hurdle we most likely will clip on the way to the finish line, thus, leaving us broken and bloody. I still think this may be the greatest artistic work that has been attached to any musical endeavor I've ever pursued...Neal, you're a genius, it's too bad artistic superiority is overshadowed by [fill-in a career]. Hopefully, I will exploit your work to a degree that will bring us both success.

Love you. Richard James.

CrimeSpree said...

add it bish